Raw material for clothing or new textile products

Vernooy Textile Recyclers (VTR) stands for sustainable processing of used clothing. And this for over 90 years. In the case re-use is not feasible, clothing is converted to serve as raw material for new textile products.

100% quality guarantee

The used clothes we receive are carefully sorted by grade. Our workprocess contains pre-sorting and post-sorting during which process every piece of clothing is examined individually. This process guarantees high quality grades. We can provide you with our list of grades upon request.

Big volumes, quickly delivered

Every day we sort up to 5 tons of used clothing. That results in a big turnaround of the materials we receive. This ensures that the produced grades of clothing are always in close succession of the current fashion.    

Logistics is a core business. We deliver our products to locations worldwide.

Customer preferred composition

Textile and clothing grades can be purchased individually based on our list of grades. Specific requirements can be taken into account. Together we can determine the mixture of the materials produced exclusively for you. 

Handpick your selection

Produce good quality and up-to-date clothes is our expertise. However selecting the most suitable merchandise can best be done by the customers themselves. It is possible to take part in the sorting process to select directly from the source.


Vernooy Textile Recyclers is audited every year for the purpose of the certification scheme of Herwinning Textiel (Recovered Textile). The audit is a wide-ranging assessment of our company work processes executed bij the TÜV Rheinland institute. Vernooy Textile Recyclers is also a member of the Dutch trade association VHT.