Core values ​​CVB

At CVB Ecologistics, we have been working hard since 1994 to continue to grow and innovate. We do this in small teams at 12 different locations. Four core values ​​are central to this: customer focus, transparency, flexibility and stability.

Customer first

CVB Ecologistics puts the customer first and fulfills the agreements made. This includes services, product delivery, planning and financially. The customers is always served on the agreed terms. We think this is very important.


An important core value is transparency. We are open about the prices we use; these are always in line with the market. We comply with the strict laws that apply to our business activity. We have no secrets and pass this on to our customers. The same applies to the relationship with our employees; openness is paramount.


CVB Ecologistics operates in an ever-changing market and is constantly growing. Our flat organizational structure allows for quick decisions and just as fast implementation of customized solutions for customers. This requires the necessary flexibility and inventiveness from our employees and the organization in general.


We usually work long-term with substantial parties from the industry on the basis of multi-year contracts. Customers thereby require a stable and correct implementation by CVB Ecologistics of the agreements made. For this reason, we also like to invest in long-term cooperation with our employees.

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