Sell recyclables

Companies, councils and ngo’s have to deal with waste streams. It is important to handle these as efficient and sustainable as possible. CVB Ecologistics has the unique expertise to handle and process waste materials achieving 100% circularity by working directly with companies in the manufacturing industry worldwide. Laminated paper grades are processed at our factory in France where the paper fiber is used to produce new paper and the recovered plastic becomes available for the plastic industry. At the same time, CVB Ecologistics can advise you about methods and put available the right systems and equipment that can lead to increasing revenues. 

The right price

Suppliers of raw material are entitled to get the right rebate. That is why CVB Ecologistics always offers market related prices for all (recovered) paper. Weighing is done by our fully integrated weighing systems which results in correct weights only, reassuring you in all transparency of the justified revenue.

No worry package deal

CVB Ecologistics offers peace of mind by recycling of paper. Included in a package deal we also deal with other waste streams at interesting conditions. We can put available necessary equipment for rent or at easy financing terms. Our own fleet of lorries is used for transport from suppliers to our premises.


Legislation is leading at all times in the CVB Ecologistics organization. We process in a transparent way and are official partners of Nedvang (NL), Val-I-Pac (B) and in the UK the Environment Agency (PERN) accredited. Our depots are OPK-certified, the quality standard for recycling companies in The Netherlands and Belgium.


CVB Ecologistics has a know-how in recycling of paper that goes back decades. The Tilburg  (NL) depot processes recovered paper over 50 years, those in Zaandam (NL) and Vilvoorde (B) even over 100 years. Our specialists are happy to share the expertise gained in all these years in order to lead your waste streams to raw material efficiently.

Big volumes

Our capacity is big enough to cope with substantial volumes. The CVB Ecologistics subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium and U.K. have ample storage space and work with machinery and equipment with the most modern technology only and with internal and external transport means to the highest standard. These are electric where possible, so the most sustainable today available within all legal specifications. Most sites create their own energy through sun panels.