Purchase raw materials

CVB Ecologistics is a reliable partner for suitable raw material for all your paper produce. We specialize in the supply of clean raw material, with consistent quality, in any quantity required. In our depots in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK our activity is to (separate only) collect, sort and process for reuse into many standard but also special grades of paper and board. 

Diversity in grades

CVB Ecologistics can supply 60 different grades of recovered paper and board of the European EN643 standard list as well as over 50 other grades that have been carefully and efficiently prepared for the production of paper and board. You can’t find the raw material you are looking for on our grade list? Do not hesitate to contact us. We specialize in customized solutions and therefore are always able to meet your requirements! When not available, we will produce it exclusively for you and deliver quickly to your worldwide locations.  


Weighing of goods in our depots is on our fully automatic 50-tons weighbridge which is linked to our computer system, so excluding possible human errors. The supply chain is transparent from source to customer which, amongst others, is basis for the OPK-certification, a well-known quality label of the recycling industry.


CVB Ecologistics is specialized in paper recycling, with most depots active in this sector for many years. The Tilburg (NL) depot is operational since the sixties of the last century, and the subsidiaries in Zaandam (NL) and Vilvoorde (B) are both in this business for almost 100 years. For advice on the most suitable raw material for your produce, our recycling specialists are at your service.    

Short delivery times

The sites of CVB Ecologistics have ample storage space. Long lasting relationships with sources guarantee availability of all raw material in big volumes as well as consistent quality. When an order is confirmed, our transport department arranges just in time delivery, always respecting international legislation worldwide.