Family business

Transparency, reliability and stability are important in our company. For CVB Ecologistics, a family business, this is logical. Recycling is our core business but also a way of life that goes beyond working hours. Our employees live recycling and stimulate each other. Customer service orientation is key: we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves, characterized by a personal and approachable attitude. High performance is achieved by listening carefully to our suppliers and customers. In the process from rest streams to pure raw material, CVB Ecologistics is leading. We are here to serve you!

No paper to waste

The letters CVB in the company name are the initials of the founder, Cees van Berkel. He bought a share in Heijnen Papierhandel (now CVB Recycling) in 1994. In the years thereafter the lay-out of the actual company structure was created. Through a series of acquisitions of Dutch and Belgian recycling companies, specialized in recovered paper, the market coverage was extended. The core-business became the regional collection of paper and board with outlets of pure raw material worldwide. The acquisition period has led to what CVB Ecologistics is right now, with head office in Tilburg (NL) and ten processing plants in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Today’s management is formed by the founder’s daughter Linda van Berkel and  Richard Getkate.   

Reduce, reuse, recycle

In 2012 CVB Ecologistics started a new activity: processing of recyclable hard plastics into raw material for new products. This new road strengthens the recycling loop within our company. It connects seamless with total processing of rest streams that we offer to our suppliers and extends the availability of pure raw material for the manufacturing industry. We keep on searching for the best recycling methods in order to protect the environment as much as possible while processing rest streams.   



In January of    2016 textile recycling company  Vernooy Textile Recyclers was added to group    CVB Ecologistics.  This company with a long family history  achieves    maximum reuse  of textile  as  product and raw material.  A   team of  140 people   with a work  ing disability take care of the sorting  process  as  part of a social return program. That way Vernooy Textile Recylcers   processes   4.000 tonnes of used clothing  every year. The company also   produces   raw    materials like wool and cotton   that are used    in new  cloths and other products. The company is located in Tilburg and Heerlen.