Group CVB Ecologistics acquires paper mill in France

Group CVB Ecologistics has acquired the assets and activities of Papeterie de Raon, a paper mill in Raon L’Etape, France. The mill in Raon, established in 1880, has stopped production in March of this year after it went into receivership.

At the papermill an advanced stock preparation is available to process difficult recyclable grades of recovered paper of which amongst others milk cartons and comparable grades which are often coated both sides and also with foil. Processing these grades has been done already for over 4 decades and since 2010 also the plastic of the consumed liquid packaging is recycled and transformed into raw material which is used for the production of high quality plastic end products.

Restart of production in Raon is planned for the 2nd half of June with 30 experienced paper makers.

With this take-over CVB wants to offer a guaranteed circular solution for pre- and post-consumer liquid packaging. Until the end of last year the volumes of (production) waste liquid packaging supplied by CVB partners/suppliers were sold in China and to Raon. With new legislation for imports into China and the closure of Raon outlet of these difficult recyclable grades were at risk, reason to find for today’s and future suppliers a sustainable solution.

With this forward integration CVB will be able to close the (recycling)loop by using these difficult grades to produce bleached and unbleached packaging paper of 18 to 50 grams.

As part of group CVB Ecologistics the paper mill has been renamed to Raon Circular Regeneration (RCR in short).