CVB Recycling 100 years!

We hoped we would be celebrating this milestone with you in person, as we did with our company A. De Vries Jbzn. in Zaandam, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in January 2017, together with all stakeholders. The Corona crisis has thrown a spanner in the works, but there will undoubtedly be ample opportunity after this crisis to make up for the damage. We will come back to that shortly.

Etathomé was founded by the Thomé family and was located at 53 Havenlaan (Avenue du Port) in Brussels. In the 1970s Soulier, France, took over the Etathomé company. At the time, Soulier was part of the La Rochette Cenpa group, which, with their factory in Blendecques, produced folding box cardboard based on waste paper. The purpose of the takeover was to get waste paper from Belgium for this cardboard factory, located near the Belgian border. When later La Rochette Cenpa was taken over by the Canadian group Cascade and Soulier was sold in 1989 to the French Générale des Eaux, there was no longer any interest for Soulier to have a branch in Belgium.

That is why Etathomé was taken over by us from Soulier in 1997. At the time, the company was still located at 100 Vaartdijk in Brussels-Haren in a warehouse of 6000 m2 with an adjacent outdoor area.

In the meantime, we were already active in Belgium with two branches, namely RCA in Aartselaar and Ghent. After the addition of Etathomé, it was decided to merge the three branches into one entity under the name Etathomé / RCA with headquarters at the address in Brussels - Haren.

A few more acquisitions followed in Belgium; the firms Van Steenbeek Herentals, Symons in Mechelen and PKR in Ghent. These activities were always integrated in the existing branches in Aartselaar or Ghent. And in 2002 it was decided to change the combined company name Etathomé / RCA to the name CVB Recycling.

Two years later, at the end of 2004, the acquisition of VG Recycling followed. At the time, this company had branches in Vilvoorde and Houthalen. Because the buildings and site of VG Recycling in Vilvoorde were more modern and spacious than the old location in Brussels - Haren, the activities of both companies were integrated at the address in Vilvoorde, Radiatorenstraat 51, where CVB Recycling is still located today.

In 2009, Dedaver, a company that was active in the destruction of archives, was also taken over and integrated into the Vilvoorde site. And in 2012, an EPS machine was purchased, which at the time started a new activity which, incidentally, is still unique in our group of companies for the location in Vilvoorde.

The site in Vilvoorde covers 30,000 m2 with 10,000 m2 of production space and 600 m2 of offices, which were thoroughly renovated in 2010. Just like the workshop building by the way. That building was almost completely renovated in 2013. The company is equipped with 2 balers, a shredder, a cutting and sawing machine and the aforementioned EPS machine.