Visit ambassador of Indonesia

The purpose of the visit was to discuss, during a tour of the plant, the new import regulation of raw materials for recycling with the delegation from the Consulate General and Economic Affairs that is based at the Embassy in The Hague.  

Over the years many containers of hazardous waste have been shipped to Indonesian ports without any traceability as to who shipped this to them. This caused huge environmental strain for the Indonesian government.




To prevent this from happening in the future the Indonesian government has implemented a new registration and inspection system for exporters of raw materials for recycling. This way, traceability of shipments of raw materials for recycling to Indonesia is guaranteed. CVB Ecologistics has applied to become a registered exporter according to this new regulation. 

We want to thank the ambassador and his delegation for the visit and we hope for a fruitful cooperation with the Indonesian paper and board industry in the nearby future.