CVB Ecologistics new main sponsor of Were Di Tilburg

CVB Ecologistics considers social and local involvement of importance. “It is for that reason that we have decided to sponsor the hockey teams of Were Di”, says general director Linda van Berkel. “We choose Were Di because this club has a big group of very loyal and dedicated members that put in a lot of effort to ensure the stable and continuous growth of the club. CVB Ecologistics as a company can relate to Were Di in that sense. Also the ladies 1 team of Were Di are doing very well at the moment. It is therefore a beautiful thing to be able to support the team on their way to success.”   

René Stenvert, chairman of Were Di Tilburg, is happy CVB Ecologistics chose his club. “Were Di Tilburg has a lot to offer as it is the most radiant and active club in the region of Brabant”, says Stenvert. “Our members can play hockey making use of our newly built facilities in a warm atmoshpere. Within Were Di Tilburg there is a healthy balance between semi-professional and amateur sports; both parts strongly intertwined and increasingly supportive of each other. Not only our main hockey teams but all the teams will benefit. We welcome CVB Ecologistics into our hockeyfamily and look forward to a successful collaboration.”